Bokura ga Ita MV || Sky’s Still Blue

Please, check it :3 PART 2 MV. I hope you will like it. And second part :

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Here you go, English subs. ENJOY 🙂
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Oh, if you’re hearing this
I must have made it through
Oh, when the clouds are burned
Open up my window
I see the sky’s still blue

Jmovie: Bokura ga Ita
song: Andrew Belle – Sky’s still blue
actors: Ikuta Toma (Motoharu Yano) and Yuriko Yoshitaka ( Nanami Takahashi)

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I have been waiting for the books to continue but it looks like the story ended just like that .. looking forward to movie . It doesnt matter how many times i watch it . It still the best romance anime i ever watched . It’s old but priceless yet unforgettable .Well, I have not seen a good movie with Ikuta toma. It is special to me. I watched the anime, I must admit that I like this version. I have watched several japanese movies but this one is definately the most touching. All time I cried, really. The end was the saddest. I poured liters of tears. I truly recommend it.
Yey, Ikuta Toma, my number one. And his ‘amusing nose’ *o* I can not wait for his next movies. I look at him and look at and it is still not enough for me. awwww, I should make more vids with him. Yeaah, It’s good idea.
Ikuta toma and yuriko yoshitaka playing the lead is already awesome, cause I love them both. I know Yuriko from ‘ Love Shuffle’, I can say that it was a good drama, with her. Here is completely different – happy, to grin, has a friends, her character is likable. And there she is sooo abstruse, sad, quiescent, She has thoughts of suicide. But i firmly believe that Toma and Yuriko together, it’s a good choice. I will watch the second part soon. 🙂
Enjoy ^o^