Hanging out in New York

So guys, I just spent the weekend in New York. It was amazing!! I flew over for meetings about exciting new things that I can’t wait to share with you, and also go the chance to shoot with 3 amazing photographers and meet some really cool new friends.

I got to shoot with @michelonofrio and @ellistonlutz and three really cool girls @abbyraemodel @alexalepold and @peytonmurray_official in Times Square.

Then I had an amazing shoot with @louisdanielbotha, he is one of the coolest photographers around – I love his work and how he shoots – it was so much fun and I was really thankful that he took time to shoot me while he was in New York from South Africa!

Finally was cool to hang out again and shoot with the awesome @leeclowerphotography and the amazing @lilychee_ with us jumping around the Meat packing district in New York. Not too much time for sightseeing..but did have a great steak while we were there and then back to Dublin via @Americanair

Can’t wait to share the photos and more exciting news with you guys very soon

Hope you enjoy.

Music by Epidemic Sounds “I can’t get you out of my mind” by Loving Caliber

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