Why are we moving to Ireland?

So this is the last of my vlogs from Prodigy Camp and it is my most personal one yet. One of the things we learned at Camp was the way to express emotion to be a better actor and how we can use these things to get better. One of the hardest things for us as a family has been my dad being away from home a lot while we lived in Australia.

He is a Doctor and couldn’t practice in Australia as the Sports Medicine Board wouldn’t recognize his qualifications from the UK and so he worked away from home a lot.

In this vlog, I open up about how that makes me feel and what we decided to do as a family about it. I am going to miss so many people from school and family, and get a bit emotional, but I am excited about the opportunities too for my acting and modelling career

I wanted to share this with you as so many vlogs are made to look like those people making them have perfect lives, with only exciting things happening, but really everyone has stresses and worries too. I have so many cool opportunities and know I am really lucky but wanted to share some real life with you too.

Thanks to Rick Stevenson for inviting me to Prodigy Camp and helping me with this vlog and the awesome people on the camp who will always be friends and can’t wait to see you next year.

Music by Epidemic Sounds “Where do we go from here” by David Bjoerk

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